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Welcome to the History and Archaeology website. This website has been set up with the aim of providing answers to all questions about History and Archaeology you might have, and is full of links and resources about it. For anyone interested in the annals of history there is an endless amount of material to enjoy. For those with an interest in any of the World Wars can find a great deal of information to discover, clubs to join, and activities to get involved in. You can sign up to a war reenactment group, and meet lots of like-minded people. Or you can become an archaeologist and discover even more artifacts to add to the stunningly vivid picture we already have about so many different eras of history.

And if you aren’t so keen on actually doing all the work yourself, but really enjoy seeing and even owning, for example, military memorabilia, there are endless fairs and forums in which you can browse through and purchase all kinds of war memorabilia pertaining to any battle or war the accoutrements of which have either been retained, restored or discovered. You can get hold of items from the more recent wars, such as things that have been kept from this century’s two world wars, or you can get hold of items from wars as distant as those fought in the middle ages, including actual armour worn by knights of old. We are always keen to hear your thoughts about our History and Archaeology website.

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